Chad Vezina, PhD

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Comparative Biosciences
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BA 1998 St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN
PhD 2003 University of New York -Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
degree 3 or Postdoctoral position

Research Focus

The Vezina lab uses the fetal mouse prostate as a model system to elucidate prostate growth stimulatory and inhibitory signals and investigate interactions between them in clinically relevant models of prostate disease. Our ultimate goal is to identify new pharmacological targets for prostate disease intervention. We are investigating how male hormones initiate prostate ductal formation, how prostate ducts elongate into surrounding mesenchyme, and how both of these processes are patterned in three dimensions to give rise to a bilaterally symmetrical prostate gland comprised of anterior dorsal, lateral, and ventral lobes.

Program Activities

  • Joined ERP Program: 2010

Research Funding

  • PI NIH 5 K01DK083425-02 04/01/09 -03/31/14 Beta-Catenin and Prostate Development


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