Colin Jefcoate, PhD

Colin JefcoateEmail:
Title: Professor
Department: Pharmacology
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BA / BS 1963 Oxford University, Oxford, UK
PhD 1966 Oxford University, Oxford, UK
1st Postdoctoral Position: Basel University, Switzerland

Research Focus

Our research addresses signaling mechanisms involving P450 cytochromes. These regulate activity at nuclear receptors regulated by three types of activator: cholesterol/steroid hormones fatty acids; metabolites Ah receptor/PCB's; and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Program Activities

  • Member - ERP Program Student Affairs Committee

Research Funding

  • PI NIH 5 R01DK072749 03/01/07 - 02/28/12 Liver vs. Bone PAH Metabolism: Synergy with TNF in Bone
  • PI NIH 5 R01DK074819 07/28/08 - 05/31/12 STAR Expression: Integration Transcription with Regulation via MRNA 3UTR


Current Trainees Degree Goal
Justin Bushkofsky PhD
Jinwoo Lee PhD
Meghan Maguire PhD
Past Trainees Degree Completed